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Findgift.com, a great online registry that isn’t store specific

When I got married several years ago, I dreaded setting up a registry. I have multiple complaints about registries, but my two main problems were 1) I didn’t want to tie people to a specific store. I’m quite frugal and know that shopping around can really pay off and 2) I didn’t necessarily have specific brand/model preferences for things. For example, I knew we wanted a meat thermometer but didn’t really have the time to figure out which one to put on the registry. Enter http://www.findgift.com. FindGift allows you to create an online registry that isn’t tied to a specific … Continue reading

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Is that site down?

Have you ever sent out a message to your friends asking, “Is it just me, or is such and such a site down?” If you want a quicker answer, try http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/. It’s a simple, no-frills website that does just one thing. It checks if it can make a connection to the URL you give it. You type a URL in the box and hit enter. It comes back with one of two messages. Either “It’s just you. http://slightlysquirrelly.com is up.”  or “It’s not just you! http://www.slightlysquirrelly.com looks down from here.”

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Verbix.com, a great reference for foreign language verbs


I’m trying to learn Italian. One of my practice activities is to try to read things written in Italian. Since I’m at the beginning of the learning curve, I’ll recognize a few words then flip-flip-flip through the translation dictionary to figure out the next one. This works great with nouns and certain other parts of speech, but verbs can be difficult. Can you imagine someone who doesn’t speak English coming across the word “is” or “was”? How do you look that up in a translation dictionary when it has no resemblance to the base form of the verb, “be”? Somehow, … Continue reading

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