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The importance of a strong e-mail password

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By now you may have gotten e-mail from one or more companies saying that Epsilon, their e-mail service provider, was hacked. The e-mail warns you to watch for phishing attacks. I’d like to issue a semi-related warning about the importance of having a strong password on your e-mail account. Many people seem to have the attitude, “It’s just my e-mail account. A hacker wouldn’t be interested in reading my mail.” True, a hacker might not be excited about the message from your sister telling you what her kids did for spring break, but the hacker is definitely interested in accessing … Continue reading

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The new Google Motion

Google Motion schematic

In a previous article, I wrote about 9 Gmail features to help keep your e-mail under control. Today, you can add one more to the list to make an even 10. Google just released Google Motion. This new system is great for anyone who spends a lot of time in front of the computer every day. Get moving and check it out today!

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9 Gmail features to help keep your e-mail under control

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I love my Gmail accounts (yes, that’s plural). Like many areas of my life, my e-mail accounts are not perfectly organized, but the systems and bits of organization I do have in place, make things work fairly smoothly. Here are nine features that keep me from dreading opening my mail. The features marked “webmail” apply to the webmail client for Gmail, but those features have counterparts in many mail readers such as Thunderbird and Outlook. 1. Starring (webmail) – Have you ever read an e-mail message that needed a response, but not had time to send the response that moment, … Continue reading

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