How to adjust your Facebook profile picture thumbnail

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Ever put up an awesome new profile picture on Facebook only to find that the thumbnail that gets attached to your posts is centered on a spot 5 inches above your head? You can shift what part of the picture Facebook uses for the thumbnail. The below image shows the thumbnail Facebook chose for my flower picture. I’d prefer it to be centered on the large purple flower.

Example of incorrectly centered thumbnail

To move the thumbnail, you must go to the area where you can edit your profile. If you are on your News Feed page, click the Edit Profile link in the upper left corner as shown below.

Location of Edit My Profile link

Next click on the Profile Picture link on the left.

Location of Profile Picture link

Next, click on the Edit Thumbnail link under your picture.

Location of Edit Thumbnail link

Move your cursor over the thumbnail image until you see the four-directional arrow cursor. Hold down the left mouse button and drag the image so that the part you want as your thumbnail shows in the box.

Example of shifting a thumbnail

When you have it just right, click the Save button, and you’re done.

Example of adjusted thumbnail

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