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I stressed about this initial post for awhile. What could I write that would be entertaining or enticing enough that it would bring people back to my blog? It finally occurred to me that it didn’t really matter that much. While this is the first post I’m *writing* for the blog, if it is the first post you’re *reading* on my blog, well, then you’re probably a friend of mine who came to support me from the beginning so I don’t have to impress you anyway. If you’re anyone else, you likely came to the site either through the main URL, in which case you read the latest article, or through a link to a specific article someone thought was interesting. Either way, the fact that you stayed here long enough to be now reading this post, suggests that you’re not someone I have to hard sell.

I love finding easier ways to do things, especially on the computer. Sometimes that means writing a little code. Sometimes it means finding a great website that does what I need. Sometimes it’s as simple as locating the right options in a piece of software I’m already using. This blog is a place for me to share those tools and techniques when I discover them.

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